new house.

Aug. 14th, 2006 09:57 pm
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Everything is out of 151 Erie St., Cambridge, MA.

It's over.

The house here looked great this morning -- the allston st. tag on flickr shows it off. It's trashed again as a result of, ya know, unpacking, but this is it. The whole house at erie is now here, and I will never again have to take another trip back and forth.

I really love it here. It's got such a beautiful vibe. I don't know what it is, but it's really just great.

Also, internet again! woot. I think I'll open up the access point and get bandwidth shaping working so that some random bittorrenter doesn't fuck us up. Maybe I'll get Schuyler to set up nocatsplash on it. Kinda funny that last time I tried to set that up a year ago, I hardly knew who Schuyler was, and now I work with him, and have him on the front porch of my house.

Life is strange, but i fucking love this house.
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If it were not for [ profile] camieal i would not be in half as wonderful of a place mentally as I am right now. Her and her boyfriend have turned my feelings on moving from suck to practically wonderful. They have built furniture, unpacked boxes, *cleaned bathrooms*, read stories, removed splinters, shared food, and generally done all the things that I should have been doing but can't because I have 17 million other things going on around them.

Becuase of their help, my house is 75% unpacked, when I haven't even finished packing the old place yet.

We've also had help from [ profile] ilzybth and her Chris, lj-user kryst-something that Jess knows, [ profile] idonotlikepeas, and Schuyler and Jo.. So thanks to all of them. But those two have been an absolute lifesaver, and I want to thank them a million times for it.

Still one more day of stuff moving tomorrow, hopefully: kitchen, bathrooms, attic. After that, we will hpefully be done done done.

new house.

Aug. 12th, 2006 09:42 pm
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I love this room. (I'm currently in the living room, but the post wanders through the rest of the house.)

So we have two bookshelves. Each is filled to the top with books. They flank on either side our futon couch -- the same one I have spent so much time on since I met Jess just over three years ago. Behind me is a nice swivelly lamp that sits in front of the beautiful bay window.

Opposite that, we have the futon chair -- bought later, and as a result, the futon is much less torn to shit. There's a small nook to the right of that -- eventually it will have cushions, but right now it's just a bench.

To my right on the wall is a four cabinet sideboard -- plastic doors, glass shelving. Great for storing those video game systems that we have way too many of. Also acts as a bench. The stereo speakers will probably eventually go on each side, once i get everything set up.

To the left is the television: cabinet stores all systems and games and videos without showing any of them, and to the right another bookshelf. (We have a lot of books). The left wall also has the entryway to the door, which contains a small closet.

The ceiling is high, and tiled with one foot square tiles. The floor has a nice white shag carpet The middle of the room is taken over by our wonderfully sturdy coffee table -- the biggest reason I love this thing is that it is apparently impossible to destroy. Jess has had it for 4+ years, and I regularly sit on it with nary a wiggle.

All in all, this room is cozy, and I love the feeling of the compact shared space.

I keep walking through the rest of the house and being amazed. We finally cleaned out the dining room -- no more boxes -- and swept it, and I just looked around again in amazement at how beautiful it is. Large table, 6 chairs around it, desk on one side, beareau on the other, and a nice bay window at the end. To the left, two bedrooms -- the master bedroom, and down a short hallway, Julie's room, with the bathroom attached.

The bathroom, when we moved in, looked like crap. It was dingy, and looked like it wasn't cleaned the entire time the previous tenants had been living here. Now, however, it fucking sparkles. Jess's friend Erin, whose LiveJournal username I can't remember since I'm currently offline, has been helping us out a ton, with her boyfriend Andrew. Andrew spent 6 hours today working on that bathroom -- from cleaning up extra grout from the tiles to tidying the shower to scrubbing with bleach every inch of the room. A room which was previously the low point of the house has become a shining counterpoint to what it previously was.

The kitchen has a gorgeous open stainless steel pantry-type rack, filled with food -- cereals, teas, cooking supplies, etc. To your right as you enter is the fridge, and on the other side of that, the cat food dishes, as well as the (currently large) pile of garbage. TO your left you have a countertop (with a dishwasher!) several cabinets, etc. Like the rest of the house (other than bathrooms), the kitchen is hardwood floored. At the back of the kitchen to the left of the pantry rack is a small bathroom with nice ceramic tiles and a light purple paint, as well as containing a set of nice shelving in the wall which seems original. The stove is to the right of the pantry rack is the stove, and further right is the door to the basement and back courtyard area, which leads to a private area common to about 4 houses. The last bedroom is on the back of the left wall of the kitchen, and belongs to Alicia.

I love this house. I really have since when I set sight on the floors, but it continues to amaze me how great the house is. It's just great.


Aug. 11th, 2006 05:46 pm
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TV stand is all wired up. Playstation and Gamecube plugged in, and wired through the back, dvd player and vcr hooked up, cable box hooked up. Need a slightly longer cable (extension) so we can run it tight against the door frame and not have it show so much, but right now it all works and it's all hidden, which is really nice: the ikea thing that jess bought for it is really incredible. Drawers with little dividery things, so the video gam systems and controllers can be well hidden from the view of the world. I'm quite happy with how ell it worked out. this thing. for the ikea people.

the living room is coming together. Next steps are emptying out bathrooms, attic, kitchen, and closet from the old house, and then working on getting all the clothes back into the right places -- right now they're all in garbage bags, which is not so good for getting dressed :)

Still no DSL. Thank you Verizon. Wiereless can only be stolen from the front stoop, so I'm not going to be online much this weekend. Which sucks, as I'm behind on work. Oh well. I'll live.

More nap now, I think.


Aug. 11th, 2006 11:27 am
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we have furniture now! and all our books are in boxes! still a fair amount of crap to pack up (kitchen, closets, papers from my office) but if we were really forced to it, i could probably be moved by the end of the day. as it is, we have til tuesday, so it will get done before the weekend is out. Hooray!

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