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Apr. 17th, 2006 08:41 am
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Emmy made really good food last night - tortellini, and a pasta sauce, and cookies, and bread, after we had cleaned up the downstairs. Cleaning also only took about 30 minutes -- it's not spotless, but I'd be willing to have the landlord or my parents walk in without a problem right now, and see either the first or second floor. This is a good thing, since we cleaned it up last on Tuesday, and that's a lot cleaner than we usually keep it.

We started watching Boondock Saints, Kristan came down, and ate with us.

Also, more Berry Tequila matured last night, so Emmy and I broke into that around the end of the Boondock Saints. I did 4 shots between the last 10 minutes of Boondock Saints and the first 5 of Go, which was our next movie. I slowed down a bit after that, as I was starting to get quite ... drunk by then.

Throughout the rest of the evening, I had about another 4 shots. We watched the rest of Go, and started Pulp Fiction -- I remember up until John Travolta asking if they put bourbon in the shake, but I don't remember much else of the movie.

It was a nice relaxing evening -- the girls are in NH with their dad since it's school break week, and I'm hoping to get our bedroom clean, since Emmy and I have done a decent job of keeping the rest of the house clean. Also, Em and I are going up to Salem Tuesday night to watch Gilmore Girls at Kristan's place, rather than down here.

I'm dull. But I just wanted to mention that I drank a hell of a lot of tequila last night.
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Oh, I forgot to mention:

Around 9:30PM, on March 17th, 2006, I drank my first beer. A Guiness, taken at People's Republik, with [ profile] raventhon, [ profile] jpallan, Schuyler and Jo as my witnesses.

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