Jul. 14th, 2005 01:02 am
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Speakeasy came through! This morning, woke up, plugged in DSL modem, and it lit up. Hooray, DSL!

Of course, it wasn't quite that simple. First, Speakeasy apparently doesn't do DHCP for its static IP customers. I liked this about MV: They did everything for me. Still, the information was on the packing slip, so I was able to put it in without a problem... except then it didn't work. Called Speakeasy support, got told that it was the wrong info. (Strange, since my userid was printed right on there...)

once I updated it, everything worked fine for about an hour, until Jenn woke up and got on dialup...

Since we don't have filters right now, that completely ruined the DSL line: 95% packet loss. (I didn't realize how neccesary those filters were.) Got Jenn offline and set everything up: the modem and router are now in her room, wireless seems to reach all over the house, wires reaching to kristan and jenn's computers. still have to work out something for zeus and hermes, but that'll be okay later, and I'm set for now.

So, the commune has internet! I plan on leaving the wireless open for the neighborhood (barring abuse), thanks to Speakeasy's TOS which supports the idea of sharing the internet. I'll probably set up a website that will advertise itself or something too. Maybe set up and move the router: smart people will try that. I dunno, what would people suggest to try and set up a community site based around people who connect to a wireless router? Is there a way to send people to a captive page when they first show up? Is there some sveasoft firmware option for things like that?

I'd really like to be able to build a free wireless "neighborhood" around our hub, so people who stop by and grab access know who's providing it, and why, rather than just thinking I'm a moron who doesn't know how to set things up. I could provide things like local copies of software using zeus, or a local wiki... hrm.

Anyone have any experience setting up non-captive portals?
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Family in town. Did some sightseeing, took them to fire and ice. Behaved ourselves and themselves. Seeing them again tomorrow: funeral/spreading of ashes of my great grandmother.

Very tired. But hoping to hang out with the communistas tonight: the family room is clean enough that I can sit in it without stressing out about the fact that it's a mess, courtesy of our familial preparations.

Kristan found a job. Jess got a callback from the Harvard something or other bar. Jenn has two interviews this week. I've got contract work, and am in communication with old high school/college friend and looking to possibly pick up a piece of some action he's going to be bringing to bear. We may actually be able to afford August rent at this rate ;)

Living in Cambridge is expensive, but worth it. I definitely am looking forward to when I have a little bit less on my mind so that I can take full advantage of the location: dropping down to the pit on weekends or something and checking out what's going on, or hitting up the museums. On that note, we did get our Museum of Science Basic 5 memberships in the mail today, so we can spend time there now. Looking forward to that.

Still no internet: current setup is using the powerbook as a wireless receiver from the somewhat weak unlocked access point which seems to get better reception in the front of the house, then using an ethernet cable to drag that back to the router (atlas) who can then rebroadcast it over ethernet or over wireless to the rest of the house. I fear what will happen when I need to set up our non-wireless computers (zeus, hermes), since I have a feeling neither one of them is going to live anywhere near the router, and neither one of them has any space for a PCI card for wireless. Anyone have any experience with USB->WiFi adapters?

You know what would be cool? Internet over bluetooth: a CAT5->Bluetooth dongle that could rebroadcast from the router to the mac mini... oh, shit. I forgot that it probably wouldn't go that far. I'd have to get that other class of bluetooth device... ah well. It still sounds cool.

The girls love the new house. Jessie loves having our own room, and the free space. Alicia got to come up into the attic and see the space up there last night. The kittens have been doing well and being playful, while not running out of the house much.

I love Jess. She's been extremely tolerant of lots of stress and long hours from me lately, and she's been helpful in everything from getting plates on the car to getting everything we need to survive into the house lately.

I love our roomates. Whenever I've needed help: had the last straw with the kids, needed help moving shit around because I was too exhausted to lift even one foot to go up the stairs, or whatever else needed to be done, they've been there.

I love the girls. They have adapted wonderfully, loving everything from walking everywhere (although Alicia did whine that we never take the car anywhere anymore) to taking the T: Julie announced stops on the red line as the recorded voice did earlier today, and has simply been a joy to have around and be around.

I love this place.

People who want to come over: Please do so! We don't have much in the way of furniture, but we do have some space now, and we have food, and we can just show you how the place is. I like it here, and I'm looking forward to meeting more locals.

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