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We've been married for a year today.

I still love saying "My wife." I love talking about "our kids". I love talking to people and telling them about "my wedding", or "my honeymoon."

I love holding you. I love kissing you. I love being near you.

I love talking to you, having you lean against my chest and watching a movie with you, curling up behind you in the middle of the night and giving you a hug.

I love your hair. I love your eyes. I love the way you move.

In short, I love everything about you, and I wouldn't trade my life with you for anything in the world.

Happy Anniversary. May we have many more together.
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Jess has had so many relationships with other people that I will never be able to mimic. Like this example, from 2001:

So Jess, my little wildflower you, put on something comfortable and
slinky, recline on the bed, writhe sexily for me, and let me regale
you with my latest lecture on Hot, Flaming Death. Enjoy the ride,

-- alt.tasteless: What is Napalm Anyway?

Ah well. I suppose I'll have to survive without ever acting as her teacher as to what Napalm *really* is.

(Mood much improved, by the way. I spent most of the afternoon dealing with various Very Annoying phone calls regarding some paperwork I had filled out for work, in addition to getting into an argument with our sysadmins, at the end of a long couple weeks, and I was emotionally tapped out.)

ETA: My "amused" mood icon isn't actually laughing. I know that one of these mood icons has a little guy laughing, moving up and down, but I guess he's not in my mood icon set :(
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I don't really have anything thought provoking or meaningful to say anymore. I'm not sure why this is -- or perhaps I never did, and I've only now realized the extent to which that was true. I just read Jess's entry, and I realized how much I liked it... and I wanted to sit down and write something similar, but realized that I don't really have anything similar to write about.

I don't have the eloquence for prose: even my technical documentation is significantly lacking in prose. My life has so many interesting things, but when I sit down to write about them, I just block on them, and then I eventually give up and move on.

I try to solve some of these things with new tools: changing my setup for typing, or note taking, getting new toys and technologies in an attempt to diversify the places and times when I actually sit down and write things, but although they sometimes change the way I work for a short while, they don't work for very long. I expect it will continue to be that way, despite my best efforts to change: the problem isn't technology, it's with my head, and no technology can change that.

I do write emails well. I enjoy writing a long response to a post asking about core principles of software I've written, or explaining why something is the way it is as the result of technical limitations. (In recent memory, I remember writing something that felt prose-ish in response to a "How does OpenLayers work? I thought AJAX was limited by the same origin policy?" type question.) But they're always technical: when it comes to my personal life, I can't pull anything like that together.

Distraction is part of it. I'm easily distracted. I haven't been while writing this one, and I think it shows: Instead, I've just been sitting in the living room, looking out the bay window in our dining room.It seems that if II look at the computer while I type, I find out that there are so many other things I feel like I need to be doing that I can't get any further. Yesterday, I was trying to blog a meeting announcement for OpenLayers 2.6 release discussion, and in the process, I paused to write an Agenda, then paused to rearrange the tickets to match the agenda, then went and changed the topic on the IRC channel, and in the process answered some questions on the IRC channel that I hadn't seen yet... the list goes on. It's so easy to be distracted by the little things related to what I'm thinking about that I never get anywhere.

I wonder if I changed away from a tabbed browser, if it would change. I think for a little while, it changed to be in evilwm... I really could hide *everything* but what I was working on. The problem is that this, like all technological solutions, was really only temporary: the problem is that I *still* end up letting myself get distracted while working.

If I didn't have such terribly slow handwriting, paper journaling might do it. However, I find writing down anything with a pen and paper to be so tedious (and somewhat painful after any length of time) that I don't think that's a solution either.

I think what it comes down to is the fact that I'm not really a particularly eloquent writer. My writing is best when it's directed, and technical: fiction of any sort, or even creative writing which isn't fiction, just doesn't work well. I'm not sure what to do about that, but I do wish I could change it. There's so much in my life that I wish that I could record, not the lease because my memory is so terrible that I probably won't remember it in another six months. When I sit down to write, I just always feel like it's a chore; I feel 'stuck', like I have to fight my own brain to do it.

I tried writing short anecdotes -- these are no better, because they don't make me happy. I want to tell the real story. "Julie came home the other day and told me all about black holes" just doesn't cut it. I have to explain why the *way* in which she explained it was unusual: the way she brought black holes up without any prompting, the way that she came up, out of the blue, gave a two paragraph description about how many there are, and what they would do if you got near to them, and that was it. But it's not something I could write at the time, and now I've forgotten half of it.

It's just so frustrating to have these things disappear -- probably forever. The little things are what make us human, and I can't write them down, and I won't be able to remember them. And it makes me sad.
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8:30am: Drive Jess to therapy.
9am: Call Gastro number that Mt. Auburn gave us and insist that they give Jess the appointment they promised they would try to give her tomorrow.
9:45AM: Accept defeat, and deal with the fact that her appointment will be on Tuesday instead.
10AM: Take Jess back home from Therapy.
11AM: Drive north to get the kids from Jason's.
1PM: Return home with kids in tow. Presumably having stopped at McDonalds or the like on the way home in order to pacify them.
2PM: Go into work in an attempt to make up for lost time.
2:15PM: Get call back from Gastro person telling me that they can fit her in today after all
2:45PM: Take Jess to doc
3:00PM: Get told that it was really just a mistake, and they'll have to see her tomorrow.
4:00PM: Curl up in a ball and whimper.

Jess got a CT scan. They found nothing. She had an extremely rude doctor who didn't consult her chart tell her that there was nothing wrong with her and that the pain medication she was on was unnecessarily strong. (This, when the morphine wasn't even able to alleviate the pain? Thanks.) He talked to the gastro department, which promised an appointment for tomorrow or the next day when we call tomorrow. Which means next month, based on past experience, but whatever.

As a result of the CT scan, we had Jay keep the girls overnight, so I'll be going up to get them tomorrow. We eventually got home around 6:30 after arriving at the ER at 1. Not the worst ever. (Better than staying overnight, in my opinion, since the drugs they were giving Jess weren't helping anyway.)

I crashed out for a couple hours -- didn't get much sleep last night -- and then went out to Cindarella's for a late dinner. Which was damn good, although my stomach disagreed and decided to get rid of it as soon as I got home.

Since then, I've just been dicking around online. I did get some good news about presenting at FOSS4G this fall, and was able to book hotel room with a coworker on Friday, so I'm excited about that.

Nothing much going on other than that.
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Jess is in the hospital again. This time, they're going to do a CT scan. So, we're here for at least another couple hours. Fun fun.

Organization of sock drawer: (post requested by [ profile] beginning

My socks are matched, and then top half folded down, making the socks approximately half size with a small tail of toe hanging out. In general, they are then shoved into the small drawer in the top right of my dresser -- this drawer is full of things like handkerchiefs as well, so it's never particularly well organized. Underwear is stored in a different drawer, because I have a ton of it.

In general, I don't keep a lot of socks matched/folded -- especially in the summer, when I'm only wearing Tevas -- but even in the winter, I mostly match on the fly, rather than doing a lot of pre-matching. We have a seperate sock storage container -- the sock bin -- much like we always did in my parents house, where we had the sock basket.

The girls have lots of socks, and they're very small, so they get doubled over totally. They're differentiated by the different color toe band -- pink for Julie, Purple for Ali, though Julie is growing into a purple color as well.

Jess's socks are a mystery to me. I don't know anything about them -- they just appear and disappear at random, it seems.

I'm tired. I wonder if I can get a hospital bed to take a nap in :)


Nov. 18th, 2006 10:03 pm
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jessie was not feeling so great most of this week. After doing a lot more stuff than usual on my own this week, it was really nice to have a day where I mostly did nothing. I think I'm still recovering, but so many times today I just ran over and grabbed her and held on to her, because I had forgotten how much I loved having her around.
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I'd forgotten how much saying goodbye to her hurts, even when it's only for 48 hours.

She's so beautiful, I don't know how to say it.

It's been so long since I've felt this way, I'd forgotten how it feels.
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roy told me to post now.

I'm alive. my tongue is kinda sore though. no, scratch that. my tongue is really sore. there's also this strange spot on my neck from something or other. The sears tower is tall. the chicago police are less nosy than the st. charles police, the taste of chicago is in the way everywhere, and the el stops at the most inoppourtune times.

Quotes of the day? "Do you know every pressure point on girls?" "This isn't helping me to leave, you know." "you don't want me drunk." etc. etc.

More later, when I feel like writing it, rather than being ordered to.

Things to write about -

Train ride. L ride. (I found the L yay!) Meeting in the L station at Midway, snuggling on the way back, making out on the train platform, walking in the rain.

McDonalds, walking around, sears tower, weather clearing up, trying to take pictures (and failing?). walking down to the park, getting accosted by a crackhead on the way. seeing another crackhead in the park, walking around the taste setting up stuff. Settling in by Lake Shore Drive. Deciding that was too public and going somewhere else.

Walking around, talking about the future, getting subway.walking by the art museum, going back to the park where the crackhead was before. staying there for.. 2 hours ish? Taking the L back to midway. not being able to say goodbye. saying goodbye and riding the train back. Missing the 6:10 geneva train. getting home, getting to work, interrogation. home, interrogation. sleep (i dont' remember going, but i remember waking up.)

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