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Driving through Harvard Square during Harvard graduation? Not so fun.

Finally got a new charger for my cell phone. (end result for my adoring fans? More useless crap to read!) Nobody in town carries name brand nokia chargers, apparently, and the generics literally did not work at all. So i overpaid for a real noe direct from nokia.

This also means that i get drive time music again, which i'd missed. Kristan will tell you I don't give a shit about music -- but that's not really true. I don't care about what music I'm listening to, this is true, but i love music. I love listening to it. I love just laying back with some music on and enjoying it while i read a book, while i'm writing, while i'm coding, etc. It's important to have a soundtrack to my life: it's just not particularly important to me what it is.

Speaking of music, i'm going to the dave matthews band concert in Hartford in 8 days. I've never been to the venue in question - I actually don't think i've ever stopped anywhere in CT for anything I can think of.

Jc leaves tomorrow night: we'll be doing a going away gathering tonight. As far as I know, anyone who wants to come is welcome. Drop us a line if you plan to come.

I did some exploring a couple nights ago of the various ways that LiveJournal has of finding people, and found out that they all suck. Sure, if you only care about online interactions, they're something resembling usable, but as soon as you want to do a search on something combined with a location, you're screwed. I could not, for the life of me, find a way to find people in cambridge interested in some particular interest, for example. The directory search looked like it might work... But then adding multiple filters seemed to just cause it to take the first one. Kinda unfortunate.

Ah well. I'll just have to suffer, i guess.

I'm tired. I want a vacation.
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Although Jess has spent a lot of time reading through my old entries -- something I've never been able to force myself to do for my own journal -- I've never actually gone back and read her journal from the beginning. (Of course, some part of this is the fact that Jess tends to write an order of magnitude more entries than I do, but.)

Anyway, after her history post last night, I started reading over her journal history: I'm now mostly through October of 2002. (yes, I'm slow.) I've left more than a dozen comments in the process.

It's nice to look back. I'ts also interesting because it's a part of Jess's life that I never actually saw: this is from the time before we met. I've heard a number of stories -- some that are contained in the journal, some that I can only see between the lines, because I know what happened.

It's a very weird reminder of the roots of our realtionship. It's also so weird to think that I've been on LJ for less than a year while I *haven't* been dating Jess. (I mean, it makes sense. It's just weird.)

I've dropped off from posting my internal monologue here recently. I think that's a mistake. I'm not entirely sure what to do about that: I feel like a lot of my 'more interesting' internal monologue is so... negative. I mean, when I'm happy, I don't do a lot of thinking; I sit back and enjoy the ride. But when I'm unhappy, a lot of negative energy runs through my head, and putting that into my journal -- even though it's true -- seems almost cruel to the people in my life, like Jess/Kristan/other local people who might be the reason that I feel like things aren't going right or what have you.

I don't know, but reading the history here on LJ, I am pretty convinced that I'm missing out on something pretty important by being factual and upbeat. I guess I should give providing a more complete picture a shot, and see what happens; worst comes to worst, I do it a couple times, and be done because it ends up hurting someone.

I'm sleepy. Is it naptime yet?
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The first music video i ever saw on pop up video was orgy's blue monday. I had no idea what the show was at the time, and i was confused on why the music video for this song -- not exactly a chipper sounding song by any stretch of the imagination -- had all these silly bubbles over the top of it.

Yeah, i'm not so bright.

I wonder if I should consider trying to expand my friends list. One thing I've found is that in general, a lot of the people that I interact with through LiveJournal are the people who I end up keeping in contact with. In the past couple years, though, I've essentially kept my friends list flat, in terms of number of friends, despite enjoying the company of many LiveJournal using friends in person.

An example in each case: Jana, aka [ profile] volantwish, who 4-5 years ago, I never would have expected to meet in person. Despite only talking to her occasionally, we've kept in contact, and she spent most of the weekend at our place hanging out and working on homework. Were it not for friending her on Livejournal, that would likely never have happened.

On the other hand, there is [ profile] lulabellefp, who I have met a couple times, but don't sde regularly, and (were it not for jess keeping in touch) would not ever hear anything about. And that would be sad, since the few times I've spent time with her, it has been enjoyable.

Perhaps it's time for me to change my behavior with regard to adding people to my friends list. I'm not even entirely sure why I haven't been, but I think it's resulting in fewer personal connections to the people that I enjoy interacting with than I should have.
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So, last night around 10pm, LiveJournal stopped working for me (and pretty much everyone else, apparently). I played around a bit, and realized that the problem was with the DNS servers -- the LiveJournal servers themselves worked fine. [ profile] opal1159 was wonderful enough to let me know the IP of LiveJournal -- obviously doesn't work anymore ;) With the appropriate IP in /etc/hosts, everything worked fine.

So I added that to /etc/hosts, then played a bit and realized that's DNS was on the same servers as's -- the result being that the page was equally dead. I was kind of curious as to why someone wouldn't have thought of moving the DNS for that domain to at least have a secondary nameserver in some other place -- LJ used to do that by using a DNS server running on or something like that as a backup.

So, after the lj-maint post (and reading some of the comments by [ profile] crucially) I decided to check out the whois for LiveJournal again:

Domain Name Servers:

Yes, I suppose that switching your DNS service to be run by akamai would be *one* way to avoid a DDoS on your nameservers...

Tag Editing

Apr. 3rd, 2006 08:40 am
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If you're on my friends list, you can now edit the tags on any of my entries. Each entry should have a 'Tags" link (next to 'Comment', where "Memory?" used to be, in my style) through which you can 'Do anything with [my] tags that [I] can do" -- FAQ 229. (The magical incantation, uttered into the admin console, was "tag_permissions friends friends".)

I'm not really expecting anyone to go back and tag things for me, but who knows, they might. I also think that I'll start using tags more. Maybe even write some scripts to set tags based on old content in entries: things with "ipod" getting an ipod tag and so on.

For the record, for the S2 users among us, the key for tag editing is "edit_tags". I'm sure this is documented somewhere, but I only found it by looking at LJ/ in the code. I wonder if there's some magical S2 documentation that I don't know about.
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Current location is cool. I've wanted to upload it myself in various capacities for a long time.

But linking somethign that people will typically type in as free form to Google Maps is stupid. People will type 'Home', and linking that to google maps won't get you anywhere!

So, I went through and fixed my style so that the location would no longer be linked to Google maps, as well as reordering the 'currents' so that location would be on the bottom instead of the top.

So now, when I type 'Home" in my current location, it won't be displayed as "" -- because it's not. It's home, in Cambridge. Of course, the rest of you will still see the links on your friends pages, but I've never optimized my journal for the users who are reading through friends pages: I've optimized it for *me*, and for my journal view pages.

I can see why this was done, but I think this is a case where the engineers (or engineer *cough* Brad *cough*) should have pulled in their usability person before pushing it live :p It's still a pretty cool little box, but I don't like to see it off to what I see as a negative start. Then again, is there much on LJ that I *don't* see as a negative start? ;)

Updated code is in Entry::print_metadata in my custom layer if anyone wants to crib it.
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Crossposted to [ profile] lj_nifty, although I have no doubt that will take ages to be approved, so I'm posting it here too. Also, becuase I find it relevant and interesting.

A long time ago, I posted some code and information about how to add GeoURL information to your journal.

Those instructions are no longer even remotely neccesary, as LiveJournal now supports the ability to set your location via the admin console.

Visit the admin console, and type something like:

set icbm "34.2234,-122.3434"


set icbm "34.23234N 122.3432W"

This results in a tag similar to <meta name="ICBM" content="34.2234,-122.3434" />

If you're in the US, you can look up your latitude and longitude using If you're outside the US, you can search for your address on Google Maps. Once you've found it, double click slightly away from the marker, and click "link to this page". The URL in the browser bar now contains something like: "ll=41.85,-87.65". Copy paste the bit after the "ll=" and before the next &, and paste that into the admin console command above.

Then you can Ping GeoURL and see your neighbors. (Hello, Cambridge!)
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Dear Reader,

Lately, it seems that you and I just haven't been connecting. Everything I post is simply not what you're looking for. I try personal anecdotes - no reaction. How life is going, no reaction. Just about the only thing that's gotten a reaction from you, dearest reader, is the Wainwright Bank website.

Now I understand my life is pretty dull, and that I don't tend to post the most interesting parts from my point of view, mostly because those parts don't seem all that interesting to pretty much anyone else. I could tell you about my sex life again, I suppose: that got a good reaction in the past, but I get the feeling that the crowd now is different, and that I wouldn't be looked on so kindly as I was when I was coming of age. I've seperated out technical posts into my blog, which I hardly update anymore because I'm too busy having fun with the kids to really want to spend a lot of time hacking.

I could post more about my life with the kids, my interactions with them, how they're doing, but I've never seen anyone really interested in that either.

My thoughts seem dull. My life seems dull. My technical things, which may not have been so in the past, are not only dull, they're posted elsewhere.

Dear reader, tell me what you want to read. Tell me what you want to hear about my life, tell me what it is you know. Point me to some entry you wish I would write more of, becuase I'm at a loss, and right now I don't have a lot of motivation to write for me, but I'd like to continue to write in general. So, motivate me. Give me feedback. Let me know what you want to hear. Right now, I really want to know what to write, and I need some motivation to do so.

Humbly yours,
The Author
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I am amused that after years of saying that they'd get around to it someday, LiveJournal Developers finally implemented something that's kind of like categories, only without the good aspects.

Too bad they didn't implement this 8 months ago, I might not have switched to Wordpress for the recording of anything I consider worth reading. I suppose the question is what I do now...

If it were possible to only have people read a specific tag (including RSS feeds of it) in their aggregators... Right now it basically only serves as a hackish categorization system for reading the latest entries on a user's journal, but doesn't (as far as I can tell) export RSS or allow you to only friend those specific tags, that might be worthwhile. (PlanetRDF, for example, only sees my SemWeb posts, where PlanetMobile only sees my mobile posts.) Hopefully in some future permutation, we'll see this.

omg tagz.

(I wrote this last night, when I thought tags were actually going to go live. So much for doing things on time. I guess that's LiveJournal time for you...)

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