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If it were not for [ profile] camieal i would not be in half as wonderful of a place mentally as I am right now. Her and her boyfriend have turned my feelings on moving from suck to practically wonderful. They have built furniture, unpacked boxes, *cleaned bathrooms*, read stories, removed splinters, shared food, and generally done all the things that I should have been doing but can't because I have 17 million other things going on around them.

Becuase of their help, my house is 75% unpacked, when I haven't even finished packing the old place yet.

We've also had help from [ profile] ilzybth and her Chris, lj-user kryst-something that Jess knows, [ profile] idonotlikepeas, and Schuyler and Jo.. So thanks to all of them. But those two have been an absolute lifesaver, and I want to thank them a million times for it.

Still one more day of stuff moving tomorrow, hopefully: kitchen, bathrooms, attic. After that, we will hpefully be done done done.


Aug. 11th, 2006 05:46 pm
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TV stand is all wired up. Playstation and Gamecube plugged in, and wired through the back, dvd player and vcr hooked up, cable box hooked up. Need a slightly longer cable (extension) so we can run it tight against the door frame and not have it show so much, but right now it all works and it's all hidden, which is really nice: the ikea thing that jess bought for it is really incredible. Drawers with little dividery things, so the video gam systems and controllers can be well hidden from the view of the world. I'm quite happy with how ell it worked out. this thing. for the ikea people.

the living room is coming together. Next steps are emptying out bathrooms, attic, kitchen, and closet from the old house, and then working on getting all the clothes back into the right places -- right now they're all in garbage bags, which is not so good for getting dressed :)

Still no DSL. Thank you Verizon. Wiereless can only be stolen from the front stoop, so I'm not going to be online much this weekend. Which sucks, as I'm behind on work. Oh well. I'll live.

More nap now, I think.


Aug. 11th, 2006 11:27 am
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we have furniture now! and all our books are in boxes! still a fair amount of crap to pack up (kitchen, closets, papers from my office) but if we were really forced to it, i could probably be moved by the end of the day. as it is, we have til tuesday, so it will get done before the weekend is out. Hooray!
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Trader Joe's is plus plus on the whole "hippie loving organic foods for cheap" scale. Thanks to [ profile] ursamajor for helping Jess get there, as it will save our wallets for a while.

Kitchen is completely unpacked, although there is one more thing of dishes up at the condo that needs to come down. Brought down a completely packed vanload of shit which will be unloaded in the morning. Found cherries at 1.89 a pound (instead of $6+). Learned that Vodka is only to be purchased in NH unless absolutely neccesary.

Had barbacue with Jess's parents. Still limping along with internet access mostly from the cell phone. (Yay Dialup rates. So glad I have unlimited GPRS: Have already used more than 10 MB this weekend.)

Boxes all got put in the right rooms up until now, but we'll be moving a lot more boxes in tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes.

Earlier, talked to Jess before she got to the house, got a straight plan, everything happy: she walked from outside to inside and practically had a panic attack. Combined with various things we were packing attacking kristan, I am utterly and completely convinced that the house is evil. Period. The place needs a cleaning service and a good feng shui artist before I'd ever want to touch it again: We have to go in one more time, but it's going to be a very quick trip relatively speaking, with very definite goals.

Last night, navigated through chunk of downtown cambridge: realized tonight that I knew exactly where I was, I just didn't recognize it. I actually drove by someplace I had interviewed for a job without having a clue. Hooray for reversing directions, and things being dark.

I am fucking exhausted. Let us be done very very soon please.


Jul. 1st, 2005 01:24 pm
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Kitty came back. He climbed in through an open window. No clue where he was, but he's safe. Thanks for all your well wishes.

Off work at 4:30, home to pack up what's left of the house, Van to cambridge, unload, split up, truck to Nashua, Van to Manchester, Jetta to Cambridge. Probably leaving the kids with Jess's mom tonight while we put together stuff like their beds and so on. Pick up kids tomorrow, then bask in the glow that is getting out of the house in Manchester.

I've not mentioned this a lot before, but part of the reason that I'm glad we're moving out is that the house in Manchester has some majorly bad vibes in it. The combination of the divorce and all of the stuff Jess has gone through in that house have absolutely destroyed it, energy wise. I don't typically believe in the supernatural, but this isn't supernatural in my mind: it is quite clear that the house has some serious ill effects on people who enter it. Packing only made things worse: it's as if all the spirits which had been trapped by the house were escaping, and attacking all of us.

I am very much looking forward to the new place. It's bigger, brighter, and in a wonderful place. I can't wait to be there. Most important, though, is that it doesn't have the bad energies that have been poured into Valley St. Hopefully they can let go and die now.
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So, we've moving to Cambridge today. The movers have already left the house with all the furniture, leaving Jess behind to pack up the leftovers. (I'll be going home over lunch to help her out with that.)

In the process of the movers moving stuff around, we apparently lost Tony. Tony is the cute almost one year old kitty who licked my eyelid to wake me up this morning.

I hope to God he's okay: He has never wandered very far before. I worry that he's not: We live by two relatively busy streets, and we've lost two cats to traffic in that house already.

Keep him, and the Commune, in your thoughts as we move into the Commune 2.0, in Cambridge, MA this weekend.

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