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My new laptop has an SD slot, and my phone has a micro-SD card with adapter. This means that I can copy music to my phone trivially. In the past, i had problems trying to mount my phone as a USB mass media, but that's also gone away: I think the problem was Shozu, which was installed on the memory card, and starts as a 'service', so I couldn't exit it, and the phone wouldn't unmount the memory card while it was running.

But! This means that I have a music playery thing, which I haven't had since my ipod disappeared on the flight to FOSS4G. (I'm still really disappointed by that.)

So, They Might Be Giants it is on the walk to work this morning.

Voted this morning. Found out my address change info never went through, so I had to go back to Erie St. to vote, but that's cool. Done now. This post is Very Good, and I'm generally in agreement with almost all of it. I think this explains why if it comes down to a Clinton-McCain vote, I might well go McCain. (I voted Democratic this morning, though.)
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Today's hackery: taking my Nokia N95 and using the built in accelerometer to build a little game where you roll a ball around on the screen.

The ball game was mostly done by Nokia in the default S60 Python distribution: I just added the acceleration stuff. Still, Julie likes it, so there's something to be said for it.

(Code available at
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Let's play Has my phone shipped yet?

This is similar to the Has my Laptop Shipped Yet? game... except damnit, real life comics changed their link format, so I have no idea how to get a link there anymore. (It used to be at For what it's worth.)

Oh well, I'll have to use xkcd instead:

online package tracking

John and I talked yesterday and decided we were going to go ahead and buy the N95, so the tracking number above is for that. We're going to test it out, make sure it can be developed on and won't drive him nuts, and then if we decide 'yes', he wants to get a second one for himself.

Whee, new phone.

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