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I've been working on the Freedom Trail entry on the Open Guide this morning... I was looking at the webstats last night, and realizing that all of the high-level Google hits were to pages that someone other than me had edited. That's a really cool feeling: I get a couple thousand visitors a day now, and most of the pages they're going to were community edited, which is completely in the spirit of OpenGuides, instead of the crappy way it was before, where I was the sole 'real' editor :)

I've put in some work in the technology in the past couple days to make things work more like they should: adding summary info to the page, and to the category listings, is taking advantage of information that's already available but that people didn't otherwise really see.

I also found out that the guide is the first hit for "Boston Strip Clubs" and "Boston Sex Shops", so I put some editing effort into doing something about having decent content there :)
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Went out yesterday and took about 100 pictures in and around Central Square, with the goal of dragging them into the Open Guide to Boston. It worked out pretty well -- there was a lot of sunlight, so the lighting on some of them came out pretty well. A couple of my favorite pictures were from Clement G. Morgan Park:

You can see a list of all nodes with photos on them from Image Uploads now, most of which are uploaded by me. The flickr tag openguides has all pictures tagged with that word, most of which are somehow related to it. ;)

iBook Perspective

Yesterday's Calendar has all of the pictures I took, including an iBook Perspective view (shown to the right) as well as a picture of a very sleepy me.

In case it wasn't blatantly obvious, I'm really loving the new camera. I've spent some time messing with it and am starting to finally remember to reset the white balance and ISO settings for different situations: the Auto White Balance mode is totally crap in any low light situations, so changing it has definitely helped me to get a more accurate color tint to my photos. unfortunately, I haven't spent a lot of time doing interesting photos, so even though I've taken more than 1000, many of them are simply playing around with the camera.

I'm not sure how people feel about me posting pictures from flickr -- I know that a bunch of people friended me over there, but I'll probably post every couple days with images that I've been taking lately, simply because it's something that I enjoy and I want to share that with other people.

One of my friends did like one of my images enough to use it as a "random picture" for his website: now features an image of two glasses that I took while waiting for food at Zaftig's. With the Lorem Ipsum text on that site, I was told that it really looks like FPO images that you'd get from Corbis or similar, which amuses me, and also makes me happy that someone could think it was a good enough looking shot. Of course, most of it is out of focus -- the only part that's well focused is the end of the spoon in the lower left.

Also, new icon for photography stuff.

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