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Didn't get to sleep until 2:30ish. Quite exhausted. Don't want to interact with children in order to prepare them for school. "Tough Shit", I know, but that doesn't preclude me from whining.

I did play with evilwm some more -- specifically, compiling it and setting it up in X on the mac. Unfortunately, the combination of three button emulation with modifier keys to drag things around and resize them does not work so well. I'm not actually sure of the issue, but I did hack the code to report mouse events, and found that that evilwm is never getting the 'middle click' event when it can be interpreted as a paste event. (So for xclock, it is getting through, but for xedit, where it can be interpreted as a paste, it's not.)

This could well be some kind of X configuration thing, or something else: Certainly OS X does not create the cleanest X config in the world. But I also don't have a lot of goal of futzing with X.

Oh, and booting to Ubuntu on the Macbook failed -- never even got past the loading, the progress meter just froze. I let it sit for 20 minutes, then gave up. I'm hopeful that I can eventually get most of what I need out of OS X -- possibly I'll still need to upgrade to Leopard to get some of it, since in Leopard, X is instead of X.
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Cleaning up my homedir on the mac: I think it's about time that I did a fresh install, and I think I'm going to make the jump to Leopard and dual-boot with Ubuntu.

THe last 24 hours of having evilwm running have reminded me how much easier it is to limit distractions using virtual desktops. The ease of using the keyboard for things that I do commonly under Linux is so much more than it is in Mac (for example, accessing application menus which don't have built in keyboard shortcuts), and I can also do so much more without there being an expectation that I'm using the mouse.

I still like OS X. I think it does things -- especially for non-power users -- that I like. But I think that for at least some of the time, there are tasks that I can be doing more effectively under Linux -- not the least because I find that my current setup makes it much easier for me to bury myself in a task without being distracted.

I've not yet found a virtual desktop application on the mac which is as easy to use as evilwm has always seemed to me, and even if I did, I've not yet found one that will let me keep my Adium/AIM connection entirely on a different desktop: I've always got that silly duck in the menu bar, waiting for me to respond to people.

I'm sure many people will tell me I'm crazy either way :) But I'm likely to give it a shot anyway.

I've spent most of this morning cleaning up various things -- ensuring that they're checked into SVN, or moving the TV/Movies/etc. that I had grabbed only to my mac off to the PC. I'm running out of drive space again -- I've had to mount my spare 80gb drive, and I'm filling that up at an alarming rate. (Filling this up would mean that I have about 400GB of media saved up.) I think that means that it's time for me to start looking for a cheap 500GB hard drive to add in.

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