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Playing with CamerasBorrowing some gear from a coworker for the rest of the week -- including a 100mm macro lens, which I'm having fun playing with. (Most of my pictures from yesterday were taken with that one.)

I've also got a Speedlite 550ex which I'm going to try and do some playing with -- I don't think I'm at the point yet where flash is what I want most, but it's something.

With that in mind, yesterday's photo ended up being a macro shot of the back of the flash that I took while I was playing around with stuff... This could become a dangerous hobby if I end up keeping it up...

9 days until I leave for Japan.

Wheels (Also, since I missed it: Monday's image, which I wasn't as happy with, but is not that bad.)

Ali is sick. She brought it home from school, and definitely gave it to Jess, and possibly gave it to Lynne as well (since she was over on Monday). Other than that, life on the home front is much the same... Though I do need to let my parents know I'm going to Japan... oops... (You'd think I'd have learned after my last mistake.)

Got started on a new/interesting Python/JS project with a friend in my copious spare time. It's nice to have a project which isn't 90% done: the limitations that places on you are so annoying. Doing the last 20% always sucks. I'm much better (and way more efficient) at the first 80%. Wish that I could actually find a job that was about the first 80% -- OCTO was supposed to be that way, but it never really did work out like that.

What should I be writing about here? You all think I'm dull as rocks, I think. Anyone got an interest in helping me improve that?
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From The SidelinesI'm totally failing at getting going this morning: So far, I have accomplished zero work. So, how better to improve that than posting to LJ?

Went to the Head of the Charles Regatta yesterday. Made my first attempts at sport photography -- some of the photos came out okay, but it's definitely not my strong suit at this point. (I did feel the limitations of my telephoto lens as well: 200mm just isn't enough when you want 'close ups' on people in the middle of the river.) Saw lots of cool looking camera equipment. Photos are up on Flickr. Had my first successful use of GPSPhotoLinker -- works better once I realized that my phone exports to GPX in the local timezone (contrary to the spec), which has been throwing off all my timestamps -- which means my map of the photos I took is actually somewhat more interesting than usual (where I'll just take big hunks of photos and plop them down somewhere nearby).

I'm sleepy. I think I need a personal health day sometime soon.

Picture of the day from yesterday is this cute little kid, who came out to the Regatta. I really like the way the lights came out in this picture.

One a Day

Oct. 19th, 2008 09:04 am
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In order to improve my photo skills, I'm currently working on taking part in a 'one photo a day' project.

The concept behind these projects is pretty simple: Taking a single photo a day lets you improve your photography. By continuing to take photos -- even when you can't see anything that seems to fit as a 'photo' you want to take -- you're pushing your boundaries, encouraging yourself to find new and interesting things to turn into a photo. Project 365 is one of these: I'm not participating directly in any project 365 stuff because I don't know how long it will go on for, but the concept is the same regardless.

Rather than one photo a day, I'm actually pushing myself to take one *great* photo a day -- which means that at the moment, I'm taking more like 30. I'm not looking forward to when winter comes along and takes away all my great material that I have at the moment :)

I'm maintaining the photos that I'm taking in a separate set on Flickr (The "One a Day" set) as well as posting them to the One A Day group.

So far, I've been relatively pleased with the results: as I found during the conference, taking lots of pictures is the fastest way to improve your photography. Currently, I'm shooting almost everything with my 50mm prime lens. The only exception is the leaf that I took yesterday: that one was done with the zoom, because there was no way to focus close enough with the 50mm.

Flowers One A Day

Trying to take one good picture a day for as long as I can, to keep my photo chops up and improve them.

Mako and Mika, Grendel's, Oct 12th Pay Phone Flowers Fall in Cambridgeport Fall in Cambridge Fall in Cambridge

I'm having fun exploring things other than portrait photography: I feel like I actually got pretty good at that during FOSS4G.

Anyway, if you want to follow along, there's an RSS feed of my One a Day set, and I'd love to have comments/suggestions as to what it would be nice to have photos of. I expect to try to vary my photos as much as I can: mixing in portraits and other stuff like that as I get time with people who don't mind having their pictures taken. :) Right now, the season is making photos of fall an ideal thing to work with -- I'm also keeping a Fall 2008 set with the photos from that.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I'm enjoying this project so far, and looking forward to keeping it up -- and would love to be encouraged to do so. I hope to start including these 'one a day' shots with my LJ entries as I post them -- and maybe it will even encourage me to post more, so that people can see my pictures. :)

(If my photography stuff is boring you, or the inclusion of photos is straining your connection or causing problems for your friends page, feel free to let me know, and I can consider making a filter for it.)


Sep. 24th, 2008 08:12 am
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After having a couple conversations with David and Dan, I think I've come to the conclusion that a part of my lack of technical chops for my photography is actually because of the camera and lens, rather than entirely tied to my lack of skill, as I had previously assumed. I'm thinking of buying a new lens on David's recommendation to solve this problem. Specifically, there is a 50mm 1.8 lens which he recommended, and I'm liking the idea of it.

For one thing, a non zoom lens (fixed focal length) would force me to frame my shots a lot more carefully. Also, a major factor in most of my photography is low light: something which would help account for that would be nice to have as well. Lastly, it's less than $100, which is in the range where i'm not utterly distraught if it doesn't help that much, and also not going to suffer too much if it fails to work out well.

Maybe I can even have Schuyler pick one up for me at B&H before my trip to South Africa. ETA: Yay, he's going to stop there this afternoon.

For those of you who don't actively follow my flickr account (probably most of you), I've been uploading some of the stuff I have, both in the current set and also from years back, moving over my old self hosted galleries to flickr. Also, if you have access to Jess's photo pool, I uploaded a few more pictures to that as well.

Anyway. That's today's drive: time to get back to work.
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Haven't been posting -- have been turned into a twitter addict instead. Will try to think in sentences more than 140 characters long.

I've been working with my camera again. It's been a long time since I was regularly using it. I'm also going to start working on tools to make posting pictures easier, so I spend more time taking pictures and less time adding metadata to them after the fact. It's ridiculous that even with all the technology I carry, uploading and tagging photos is still such a pain in the ass.

I think we may finally be rid of our wedding guests. Roy has had a hell of a time getting out of here:
  • Tried to fly out Monday night. Storms in Connecticut blocked his flight until he would have missed his last connection.
  • Tried to fly out Tuesday night. Storms over Charlotte were blocking flights until they couldn't fly back due to noise curfews in Charlotte (or something like that.)
  • Got rescheduled to what they said was a 5pm flight... that he discovered at 10am was actually a 5 *am* flight.
  • Finally left this morning, and may actually get out today.

Schuyler actually got a LiveJournal account, which amuses me. ([ profile] sderle)

My status at $work may be changing at some point in the future. Had a conversation with $boss yesterday. We'll see what happens soon.

There. That was more than 140 characters.
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Went out yesterday and took about 100 pictures in and around Central Square, with the goal of dragging them into the Open Guide to Boston. It worked out pretty well -- there was a lot of sunlight, so the lighting on some of them came out pretty well. A couple of my favorite pictures were from Clement G. Morgan Park:

You can see a list of all nodes with photos on them from Image Uploads now, most of which are uploaded by me. The flickr tag openguides has all pictures tagged with that word, most of which are somehow related to it. ;)

iBook Perspective

Yesterday's Calendar has all of the pictures I took, including an iBook Perspective view (shown to the right) as well as a picture of a very sleepy me.

In case it wasn't blatantly obvious, I'm really loving the new camera. I've spent some time messing with it and am starting to finally remember to reset the white balance and ISO settings for different situations: the Auto White Balance mode is totally crap in any low light situations, so changing it has definitely helped me to get a more accurate color tint to my photos. unfortunately, I haven't spent a lot of time doing interesting photos, so even though I've taken more than 1000, many of them are simply playing around with the camera.

I'm not sure how people feel about me posting pictures from flickr -- I know that a bunch of people friended me over there, but I'll probably post every couple days with images that I've been taking lately, simply because it's something that I enjoy and I want to share that with other people.

One of my friends did like one of my images enough to use it as a "random picture" for his website: now features an image of two glasses that I took while waiting for food at Zaftig's. With the Lorem Ipsum text on that site, I was told that it really looks like FPO images that you'd get from Corbis or similar, which amuses me, and also makes me happy that someone could think it was a good enough looking shot. Of course, most of it is out of focus -- the only part that's well focused is the end of the spoon in the lower left.

Also, new icon for photography stuff.

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