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I seem to be coming out of my brain funk, which is nice. I'm actually somewhat cheerful for the first time in a while.

I printed my PGP key signature on the back of some of my business cards last night. The likelihood that anyone will ever care to sign my key are nil, but hey, a guy's gotta try, right? And I think I'm less likely to lose a business card than some thin strip of paper.

I was just looking at some of my old photography, and remembering how much I love taking pictures. I need to do more of that. (I say this like every 4 months, I think.)

Wheee, positive mental energy!

(And! I got salmoned from this post. Hooray for random people conversation things!)
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I think I just killed my computer.

So, I have a computer that I've been using for the past 7 years. It was originally a pretty powerful desktop machine, and has slowly migrated from Windows to Gentoo to Debian to Ubuntu. It's gone through roles as my primary webserver -- on Windows and Linux -- to mail server to file server.

It's gotten upgrades from a single 80GB hard drive with a CD player to 500GB of space with a DVD reader and DVD burner.

Earlier tonight, the 'big' hard drive -- a 300GB Seagate -- bit the dust. I wasn't sure if it was the expansion SATA card or if it was the drive, so I was doing some futzing about...

and in the process, I broke a fan blade on my CPU fan. Shit.

In general, this wouldn't be such a bad thing, but this broken fan blade is causing the fan to vibrate like crazy -- enough to vibrate the whole case loudly enough that I can't really leave it on. So not only did I lose a 300gb hard drive which was mostly movies, I've also now got a computer that I can't really turn on.


I think that it may be time to replace zeus with something slightly more suitable for being a fileserver. It had really become a frankenstein over the years, and it may be time to move on. But even so, it is a bit sad to look at moving on from something that I've had just under 7 years of history with.

So, I think I'm going to spend tomorrow figuring out what I want to do for a new computer. I think I want something that's quiet enough to keep in the living room, and has enough space that I can stick in cards for video out and (eventually) some kind of TV input for MythTV-like stuff or something. The *idea* of an AppleTV appeals, but the practicality of dealing with not having a 'real computer' for this feels like it would bug me. This might be silly, I'm not sure. Also, the AppleTV isn't really a DVR, which would be nice to get eventually.

Ah well. So life goes.
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Apparently "signature" means "prefix of subject" in lj2me land. Ah well. Kinda nifty that it can include device type, in my opinion.
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Hm, the text box for entry on this mobile client is kind of weird and small. Maybe it will work. Ah, it automatically gets bigger.

I've been wanting to post to lj during my walks to/from work, and posting by text message just isn't enough. Using j2me now.

Device: NokiaN95/20.0.015
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EeePC has really nice little speakers. It appears as if I'm going to have the office to myself for most of the day today, so I'm using it to play music from (which I've never used before). It's quite nice to have a little laptop with all the 'non-work' things on it, like IRC, friends page, music, so that it doesn't distract quite so much from working.


Jan. 5th, 2008 03:03 pm
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Reinstalled my desktop machine today. I've spent the last hour or so getting the machine back in exactly the same state I had it in 4 years ago in my second year of college.

Things that this means I'm running, in no particular order:
* evilwm (yay)
* xbindkeys
* xmms (though that was actually replaced by gnump3d when I realized I didn't have sound on the machine in question -- which is actually working quite nicely.)
* Logjam!

I'm sure more things will come to me as the process wears on, and I'm also not deliberately trying to make the system unusable by anyone else, so at the moment, it's still just this session configuration. Still, it is somewhat nice to be back in a state that I was actually reasonably productive in way back when. Simply having reasonable window snapping without all the crap that macs tend to stick on top of it is nice in and of itself.

I should really see if I can work out how to make this be my user profile without breaking everything else that goes along with it -- for example, I'm quite happy to have things like ssh-agent started for me automatically, which I don't want to break.

I suppose if I knew more about gdm, I could probably figure this out, but seeing as I don't...

Sadly, this monitor is going, and it does make using the machine somewhat hard. Additionally, the redrawing is painfully slow in many cases. And since I'm using Ubuntu, I'm hardly being as supportive of the whole Free Software movement as I could be -- but I suppose it can't get much worse than using a Mac :)

I really do like Logjam. All the clients for OS X are too clunky feeling -- too many buttons and knobs. Logjam's got almost nothing -- and I like it like that :)
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I found out this last week that Flickr no longer has upload restrictions. After putting together flickrbrowse this morning, I was re-encouraged to go upload a bunch of my old photos that I had never actually uploaded: eventually, I'm hoping that I'll have everything up and I can just manage my photos in one place. (Here's hoping anyway.)

I recommend checking out flickrbrowse though. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn cool.
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So, last night around 10pm, LiveJournal stopped working for me (and pretty much everyone else, apparently). I played around a bit, and realized that the problem was with the DNS servers -- the LiveJournal servers themselves worked fine. [ profile] opal1159 was wonderful enough to let me know the IP of LiveJournal -- obviously doesn't work anymore ;) With the appropriate IP in /etc/hosts, everything worked fine.

So I added that to /etc/hosts, then played a bit and realized that's DNS was on the same servers as's -- the result being that the page was equally dead. I was kind of curious as to why someone wouldn't have thought of moving the DNS for that domain to at least have a secondary nameserver in some other place -- LJ used to do that by using a DNS server running on or something like that as a backup.

So, after the lj-maint post (and reading some of the comments by [ profile] crucially) I decided to check out the whois for LiveJournal again:

Domain Name Servers:

Yes, I suppose that switching your DNS service to be run by akamai would be *one* way to avoid a DDoS on your nameservers...
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For the first time in several years, I've spent several hours working using a Windows machine.

It's not mine, naturally: it would take a lot of doing to convince me that installing Windows is something I *need* to do. It's on loan to accomplish something that I can only work out in Windows.

Still, I think that it's about time I invested some resources in getting myself a Windows account somewhere, even if it's via RDC or something similar: having this thing in my hands is leading to way too many temptations to fix all the thins that I've written which I'm sure are totally broken in IE.

Of course, to do that, I'd have to open IE.

Maybe I'll skip getting an account on a Windows box after all...


Jul. 14th, 2005 01:02 am
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Speakeasy came through! This morning, woke up, plugged in DSL modem, and it lit up. Hooray, DSL!

Of course, it wasn't quite that simple. First, Speakeasy apparently doesn't do DHCP for its static IP customers. I liked this about MV: They did everything for me. Still, the information was on the packing slip, so I was able to put it in without a problem... except then it didn't work. Called Speakeasy support, got told that it was the wrong info. (Strange, since my userid was printed right on there...)

once I updated it, everything worked fine for about an hour, until Jenn woke up and got on dialup...

Since we don't have filters right now, that completely ruined the DSL line: 95% packet loss. (I didn't realize how neccesary those filters were.) Got Jenn offline and set everything up: the modem and router are now in her room, wireless seems to reach all over the house, wires reaching to kristan and jenn's computers. still have to work out something for zeus and hermes, but that'll be okay later, and I'm set for now.

So, the commune has internet! I plan on leaving the wireless open for the neighborhood (barring abuse), thanks to Speakeasy's TOS which supports the idea of sharing the internet. I'll probably set up a website that will advertise itself or something too. Maybe set up and move the router: smart people will try that. I dunno, what would people suggest to try and set up a community site based around people who connect to a wireless router? Is there a way to send people to a captive page when they first show up? Is there some sveasoft firmware option for things like that?

I'd really like to be able to build a free wireless "neighborhood" around our hub, so people who stop by and grab access know who's providing it, and why, rather than just thinking I'm a moron who doesn't know how to set things up. I could provide things like local copies of software using zeus, or a local wiki... hrm.

Anyone have any experience setting up non-captive portals?

Off a Day

Jul. 7th, 2005 07:55 am
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I was thinking this morning about my schedule for the rest of the week, and realized I was off an entire day. I kept saying that today was Wednesday. That really fucks up a lot of my plans.

Verizon's 45 seconds to 45 day wait time for installations is really getting on my nerves. *Still* no phone line at the house, which means *still* no DSL, although we did get the Speakeasy modem in the mail this morning. Since we already have the one from MV (Which is nicer), I may end up dropping it onto eBay once we're sure the old modem can do the job.

Commute time this morning (in which I didn't get lost at all):

Erie St. to 93: 12 minutes (6:48->7:00
93 to Mass/NH border: 19 minutes (7:00 -> 7:19)
Mass/NH Border to wedu: 26 minutes (7:19->7:45)

A large chunk of that time was spent coming around 293: I think I got on 2:93 at 7:37, but it was a mess: crowded, and some guy almost drove into me trying to get ahead in a merge.

So much work to do. My parents are getting in today at noon thirty, and wanted me to stop by the farm tonight, but I'm thinking that I'm going to have to be late at work tonight, so that's not going to happen.

Amusement of the day: Some porn site apparently added a bunch of random email addresses to a mailman list. The first I got from it was a bounce message, before I even got the first message sent to the list. I've since gotten a half dozen bounce messages, some spam, and one "If you don't take me off your list, I will fuck your server up, you understand?"

People amuse me.
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If a table cell is created, but has no content, is it really there?

If a rendering engine doesn't display a border, but no one can tell, does it really matter?

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