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Playing with CamerasBorrowing some gear from a coworker for the rest of the week -- including a 100mm macro lens, which I'm having fun playing with. (Most of my pictures from yesterday were taken with that one.)

I've also got a Speedlite 550ex which I'm going to try and do some playing with -- I don't think I'm at the point yet where flash is what I want most, but it's something.

With that in mind, yesterday's photo ended up being a macro shot of the back of the flash that I took while I was playing around with stuff... This could become a dangerous hobby if I end up keeping it up...

9 days until I leave for Japan.

Wheels (Also, since I missed it: Monday's image, which I wasn't as happy with, but is not that bad.)

Ali is sick. She brought it home from school, and definitely gave it to Jess, and possibly gave it to Lynne as well (since she was over on Monday). Other than that, life on the home front is much the same... Though I do need to let my parents know I'm going to Japan... oops... (You'd think I'd have learned after my last mistake.)

Got started on a new/interesting Python/JS project with a friend in my copious spare time. It's nice to have a project which isn't 90% done: the limitations that places on you are so annoying. Doing the last 20% always sucks. I'm much better (and way more efficient) at the first 80%. Wish that I could actually find a job that was about the first 80% -- OCTO was supposed to be that way, but it never really did work out like that.

What should I be writing about here? You all think I'm dull as rocks, I think. Anyone got an interest in helping me improve that?
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Time to go back to work today. Luckily, I think that 3 days is about the right amount of recovery time for this kind of trip: I actually feel relatively rested (thank goodness for small favors). So, back to the office I go.

Luckily, it seems like not much fell apart during my absence. Also, that word looks totally wrong.
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MetaCarta Labs is looking for a new employee again.
MetaCarta Labs is a small team of enthusiastic, fast paced developers working directly under the CTO to develop prototypes and new products and facilitate developer outreach. MetaCarta Labs is taking a key role in geo-enabling the Web -- helping existing content owners to add geographic information to their content -- and has a long history of working with external developer communities through open source projects and conferences.

Okay, so it's a bit buzzword-riffic, but most people who've been long time readers know that I've been working at MetaCarta for two years, and I've really had a great time there. Some of the smartest people I know are my coworkers, and I've learned more working with them than I have anywhere else. I've travelled to conferences in other countries, met people from around the world, worked on several open source projects, and directly participated in a number of interesting revenue-building things within the company.

Interest in geo a must: experience in geo optional. We're looking for a web hacker, primarily: interest and experience in HTML and JS is pretty much a prerequisite for what we're looking for at the moment.

It's a cool gig: if you know anyone who might be interested, feel free to send them my way, either directly ( or via the link above.
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I'm in DC on Wednesday morning for a meeting: Flying in tonight, arriving around 6, staying at the Holiday Inn in Reston. If there's anyone who I should be stopping over and having a beer with tonight, let me know: at the moment, my plan is just to wander around DC monuments for a couple hours tomorrow night, since I Haven't been able to find anyone I should be meeting. (I'm booked until my plane leaves on Wednesday; the trip is not about seeing DC, just a quick hop down for work.)
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Let's play Has my phone shipped yet?

This is similar to the Has my Laptop Shipped Yet? game... except damnit, real life comics changed their link format, so I have no idea how to get a link there anymore. (It used to be at For what it's worth.)

Oh well, I'll have to use xkcd instead:

online package tracking

John and I talked yesterday and decided we were going to go ahead and buy the N95, so the tracking number above is for that. We're going to test it out, make sure it can be developed on and won't drive him nuts, and then if we decide 'yes', he wants to get a second one for himself.

Whee, new phone.
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Haven't been posting -- have been turned into a twitter addict instead. Will try to think in sentences more than 140 characters long.

I've been working with my camera again. It's been a long time since I was regularly using it. I'm also going to start working on tools to make posting pictures easier, so I spend more time taking pictures and less time adding metadata to them after the fact. It's ridiculous that even with all the technology I carry, uploading and tagging photos is still such a pain in the ass.

I think we may finally be rid of our wedding guests. Roy has had a hell of a time getting out of here:
  • Tried to fly out Monday night. Storms in Connecticut blocked his flight until he would have missed his last connection.
  • Tried to fly out Tuesday night. Storms over Charlotte were blocking flights until they couldn't fly back due to noise curfews in Charlotte (or something like that.)
  • Got rescheduled to what they said was a 5pm flight... that he discovered at 10am was actually a 5 *am* flight.
  • Finally left this morning, and may actually get out today.

Schuyler actually got a LiveJournal account, which amuses me. ([ profile] sderle)

My status at $work may be changing at some point in the future. Had a conversation with $boss yesterday. We'll see what happens soon.

There. That was more than 140 characters.
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Got a ton of stuff done yesterday, should be able to have a demo together for people inside the company later today. Schuyler can be fun to work with when he likes what he's working on :)

Hacked late, but still somewhat behind on hours because of early day on Monday. Not that this is a huge deal, but I'm tracking how much I work this week to appease Jess.

Sent in my conference snippet for Where 2.0 -- I'll be doing a 5 minute lightning talk on OpenLayers. Come! See me!
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Drove to NH last night, got the girls sneakers, which they left at their dad's house. Kristna came with me and kept me awake. Stopped by her place, chilled out there for an hour or so, came home, passed out.

OpenLayers is close to a 2.4 release -- if only the damn people didn't keep bringing up bugs ;) We have one or two release-critical issues, so far as I can tell -- unfortunately, they're a bitch to debug, as they are Firefox + Windows only, and they lock up the browser for five minutes for no discernible reason.

Should be able to do a full hack day with Schuyler today. Looking forward to that.
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This week, my old college roommate [ profile] y3t39 came out to Cambridge. He showed up last Saturday, and left yesterday.

Things we did:
  • Walked the Freedom Trail, start to finish.
  • Ate at Union Oyster House
  • Visited the USS Cassin Young (the Constitution was closed)
  • Ate breakfast at Zaftig's
  • Toured Harvard Square
  • Toured MetaCarta
  • Walked around Central Square
Things Pete did:
  • First Night, in Boston
  • Toured MIT
  • Drink at the Plough and Stars

All in all, I think that he got a good taste of Boston/Cambridge considering how long he was here and how busy we were. Other things which kept us busy:
  • Julie has some kind of undetermined bacterial infection that was giving her fevers of 105 (again). She's on antibiotics for it now.
  • School starting again for Julie and Alicia
  • A giant snafu with my web hosting provider/server which sucked up about 2 days of my brain cycles.

Things I did not do:
  • Celebrate New Years in any particularly exciting fashion.
  • Sleep.
  • Make new years resolutions.
  • Make long thoughtful reflective posts about the past year.

I need some new userpics. I suppose this one will do for how I feel about this week -- stretched in 15 different directions.
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So, I was talking to a coworker the other day, explaining what it's like to work for my current boss.

For those of you who don't know, I work in the "Office of the CTO" at MetaCarta. That means, basically, that I work directly for the CTO. The CTO (also the founder of the company) is astoundingly bright, and typically about 6-12 months ahead of the game in understanding what people are going to want from the company in the near future. This is an extremely good thing to have, especially if you can execute on it, and one of the things that it's my job to do is to execute on it.

However, because The Boss is always thinking ahead, it's very hard to get anything done. When we do get something done, it's typically attached with a list of 12 or 14 other things that depend on it... or the priority list has changed so that it was no longer important to get done anyway.

Apparently, this is kind of like grad school. You work hard -- scramble, even -- to get to someplace, then find out your adviser has changed his or her mind on what you should be doing. Your praise is limited, and when given, usually only with caveats. You keep an odd schedule, but always make sure to show up at the meetings for the free food.

There are differences. Even when the priorities are vastly changing from hour to hour, I still absolutely love my job. I love the people I work with, where I work, and even the way that we do things. I wouldn't give it up for the world. It's also a *job*, not an academic position, which has its benefits as far as compensation goes.

All in all, I'm just really happy to be where I am. I was mostly just interested to find out that I'm essentially experiencing a situation that's similar to what people experience in grad school, since I'd never been exposed to that environment. Having left in my sophmore year of the UIUC undergrad program, I didn't have the context.

So, work is kind of like grad school. With a better environment, better pay, and more friendly people around you. I think I'll stick with work.
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On a slightly less thoughtful note, a photo of my office:
Photos from OCTO

It's not actually mine alone, it's the CTO office, but the CTO office is now home to the CTO development team: Schuyler, myself, and John Frank, the CTO. John is gone most of the time on business trips, and Schuyler tends to work the afternoon/evening shift, meaning that from 8-12 most days, this sunny, plantfilled office is mine and mine alone.

It's pretty nice. Yet another reason I love my job. Now I just need to cover the walls with maps :)
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I love my job. No real reason why today, I just do.

I do get the CTO office to myself today, so maybe that's part of it ;)


Aug. 15th, 2006 09:56 pm
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"i wish they had an office in my backpack."
- Erik, cocontractor on OpenLayers, regarding MetaCarta
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Easy like Saturday morning.

Julie slept in Jess+my bed last night. I have no idea why, as I don't remember when she came into our bed, but it means that I couldn't chill out in bed this morning - not enough room. So, I'm downstairs, chilling out, and watching the very quiet world as it starts to wake up.

Snow yesterday was weird. There was an inch or two of snow, but then the snow started turning into sleet/rain. This actually made it so that most sidewalks were clear of snow if they'd been shovelled at all, or were melted to slush otherwise. I went out around 1/1:30, and at that point the rain started turning into hail. When I was walking back towards the house around 3pm, about 4 inches of snow were on the ground again, and traffic everywhere had pretty much ground to a halt.

How rain turned to sleet turned to hail turned to 4 inches of snow in two hours, I'm not quite sure, but it definitely made walking home more difficult.

Signed on for another 3 months with Ning. That job is so great for me, I hope they want to keep me forever. After this, all "real jobs" are going to suck :) I have been keeping an eye on what's in the area for when we do have to part ways, and I don't think getting a job will be too terrible - the tech field around here is good, and although I hope that I'd be able to make it on my own doing web development, I know that's pretty unlikely.

I'm thinking about learning Lisp.


Jul. 6th, 2005 08:42 am
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Today I learned that although commuting sucks, commuting in a torrential downpour sucks much much more.

I left the house around 6:40 this morning: no big deal, a few minutes late, but I'd be fine. I'm driving down prospect and realize that I have Jess's wallet in the car with me: no good. So, I have to hightail it back to the house, and in the process, I run into what I will call The Rain.

This is not just any rain. This is The Rain, meaning that in the approximately 10 steps it took to get from the Jetta to the front door to toss Jess's wallet inside, I was drenched to the point that my hair was literally dripping. Got back in the car anyway and got on the road: leanred that no on in Mass is willing to drive fast in rain.

93 had a fair amount of standing water on the left shoulder, which occasionally creeped into the road: ever gone from 65 to 45 in just a second? Water will do that for you. Hydroplaned a couple times, but made my way north and the rain slowed down.

Unlocked the condo for the carpet cleaning people, moved the big stuff that's left in the house out of the way so that they would hopefully be a little bit less upset at the state of the house. Van is dropped off at Autofair for fluid checks and cleaning. Tomorrow night Jess's mom will meet me at Autofair to pick up the car and drop it off at the airport for my parents to pick up when they fly in on Thursday afternoon.

Now, back to the daily grind. 1.5 days of commuting down, 23.5 to go.

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