Aug. 1st, 2017

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So, I support creators via Patreon. In particular, one of the things that I do is run *my own* patreon, and I set aside the funds that I make from that Patreon to support other creators. (At the moment, I get $50/month from various folks, supporting for a variety of reasons; in return, they get early access to some of my video content, access to notes I take, etc.)

So, I have $50/month that I spend on other creative types. For this month, I've decided I'm going to support 5 new black creators at $10/month each, celebrating the "BlackWomensEqualPay" day that just passed. (Black women have to work 20 months to make the same as 'their peers' -- I think 'white males', but I'm not sure -- do, which is why Black Women's Equal Pay day is 7/31.)

So, I posted a twitter thread:

"In Honor of #BlackWomensEqualPayDay (7/31, yesterday), I'm going to start supporting 5 new Black Women on Patreon: So far, I have:", with some names, and why I was doing it.

Now, this has a couple points:

- I chose to include an amount. I did this sort of as a shout out to my patrons, who tend to keep an eye out on what I'm doing with my Patreon funds, but I shouldn't have in the more public thread.
- There's a little bit of the "White Knight Hero Complex" thing going on here, but this is honestly an attempt to educate and inform others of some black women who are creators I follow.
- I'm calling this out as "I'm trying to do my part", but the reality is that any shift of money from me to other people isn't really changing much.

On the whole, I hope that the thread is in moderately good taste.

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